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Video Gaming

Page history last edited by John 12 years, 8 months ago

This is probably the most lasting of the three activities. My brother and I both started out our gaming love with the Nintendo Entertainment System. It came out in 1985, and my brother and I spent years putting a little cash down on layaway until our mom got tired of taking us every month. She ended up paying for the rest of the system and from that day forth, our gaming love evolved, and the competition grew fierce. As a kid, I wouldn't know exactly what was going on (as I was only 4 or 5 when we got the machine) yet I ended up doing so much better than my brother and it ticked him off royally.


That skill (if you call it that) ended up evolving into a passion not only for gaming, but for succeeding and winning. It made me stubborn to stick with the first choices I make and always to do my best. Of course, this also created some frustration and some fury. All of our NES controllers on the top have small little bite marks, from when I got frustrated with a game and just clamped down on the top to release frustation. After all, throwing the controller into the TV was just too messy.


And of course once I got into Junior High and High School, my brother and I had moved on to the Nintendo 64 (and through other systems from Sega and Sony). Nintendo always had the party games and the fun multiplayer aspects, and Goldeneye was no exception. As seen in my Micro-Narrative, Goldeneye matches got fierce, and always tended to end in injury, whether it be their psychies or my ribs or head, or (like most of the time) both.


At one point there came a game that my brother wanted so badly, but was on a system we did not have, the GameCube. He began talking to me about it and psyching me up about what was possible with that game. I began to want it so much that he and I both chipped in half to get the system and the game. He played the system more, but I loved that game, and he ended up paying the other half off to me when he moved off to college.

I got my own a year or so later. :)

To this day my brother and I share a genuine interest in gaming, although he hasn't had much time recently with his job being so demanding. Still, we keep in touch and gaming tends to provide a nice common ground for the two of us to connect with.


OH, and by the way, Bioshock is awesome. My brother agrees.


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