Vernacular Genres

I remember one of the biggest traditions of my family, besides the usual holidays and summer vacations, was the auto shows in Houston. [Credit: Houston Auto Show]

[Credit: Ford GT Concept]

My dad loved going to the new and old car shows and seeing what they had to show off. My brother always enjoyed it too for as long as I've known. They both enjoyed seeing the classics from the old, and the sports cars from the new, but I was never a fan of them as a kid. Instead, I would wait until our wandering brought us either to:

A) the 'flight simulator'


B) the vendor area where I would buy Hot Wheels and Toy cars.

[Credit: Hot Wheels]


My mom on the other hand enjoyed seeing the old VW classics that she loved as a kid and whatever new, funky designs would be at the new car show. She loves what other people would normally hate.


Now I appreciate the shows so much more than I did as a kid, but we don't go as often. My brother has his job, I've got school, and my parents either go alone or with friends.


It's interesting to see how, even though we all had our different reasons for going, it still brought us together as a family and is one of the most prominent memories I have.