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Summer Vacations

Page history last edited by John 13 years ago

This should be fairly self-explanatory, but I felt that I should note a nice bonding moment for my father and I. We were somewhere in Montana at a national park up there, I forget which one. We had finally come across some snow, and my dad and I were having a little snowball fight. Well, I grabbed some slush, mashed it together and chunked it at my dad...


I didn't know slush balls froze together so well.


It smashed into his face, knocking his glasses around his face, and he looked at me, adjusted his glasses, and got in the car.


It was a scary moment for me as I thought I was in deeeeeep trouble, but in the end we just laugh about it, and it makes for a great story if you know him.



(A nice World of Warcraft snowball fight video for ya)

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