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Quest Schema

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I write only in text as I can have images and such for the first section, however the second section would have nothing. So instead, you get cool formatting. Feel Special? You Should.


The Journey through Hook

We start out Hook in an ORDINARY WORLD

    • with problems that many kids and families have to face: balancing work and family, trying not to forget about your kids, keeping your family well off, keeping the business alive, etc.. Then we cut to London where the kids are kidnapped while the parents are at a function for the grandmother -- the OUTER PROBLEM.

What you see after the kidnapping is Peter's realization that he's Peter Pan, coming to terms with that fact, and overcoming certain mental obstacles, such as his fear of flying -- the INNER PROBLEM(s).

Hence we move on to the scene where Peter Pan encounters his children trapped on Hook's ship in Never Never Land (our SPECIAL WORLD), upon which they beg him to save them -- the CALL. Hook promises Peter (since he's become so old and as such, is no longer a worthy adversary) that if he can touch his children's fingers (APPROACH), he will let them all go home.

And who is the most appropriate THRESHOLD GUARDIAN

    • to help Peter other than the Lost Boys, who push him to remember what he was. Among the Lost Boys is Rufio, the leader who took over after Pan's departure. His darker side and intimidation tactics toward Peter make him an obvious SHADOW MENTOR.

Upon Peter trying to regain his powers, he undergoes several TESTs the Lost Boys have prepared.

The fight scene toward the end between Hook and Peter Pan and Hook's crew and the Lost Boys is the ORDEAL. Peter's physical realization of what he used to be revitalizes his mind and soul and helps him to re-think his priorities -- the RESURRECTion.





The Journey through Mace (through the eyes of little Mace -- roughly age 6)


    • for me would have to be the world in daylight. In the daylight I am safe and secure. No one can affect me there. My OUTER PROBLEM would begin with the original fear of the dark that most if not every kid has, and the INNER PROBLEM would be the enhancement of that fear due to the provocation of such films as Hook.


    • would be divided into two senses, that which told me about the kidnapping in the movie and the one who said it'd be alright. The former would have to be the movie itself, and the latter would be parents.


    • would include the movie itself. Not only did it scare the mental snot out of me, but it also tried to impart upon me the essence that it is, in fact, a movie, and that in all movies is a SPECIAL WORLD, no matter how much of a 'real-life' story the movie is made after. There are always elements of the movie that are created.

As a kid, I never APPROACHed anything, and always shied away from conflict. I do that a little now as well, however I have learned to stand up more for myself as of late (within the past 7 or 8 years). The ORDEAL

    • of the film clip made me as a child timid and afraid that doing something that brought attention may be due cause for someone to take me unexpectedly, so I kept my mouth shut and stayed in the corner most of the time. My RESURRECTion came at the end of my High School career, in which I finally learned to stand up for myself when I get stomped on.

I'd say my CALL to action appeared my senior year in high school when my band director and assistant band director kept contradicting each other in what they told me to do until I finally took a stand and told them to get their act together. Such a stand caused a landslide, which eventually brought a DrumLine strike that brought all the drummers plus some of the parents all looking at Estrada, waiting for his response. My CALL was answered with a bold APPROACH. Although my actions my Senior year in high school may not have passed the TESTs, they were still learning experiences for me.

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