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Pidgin 2

Page history last edited by John 13 years, 1 month ago

The media I use can sometimes pertain to exactly what I say, and at times, it'll just be a far-stretched relation that I threw up there just because I liked the video. You'll eventually find video of me, as well as graphics made by me, found on other sites, and (I hope I never feel the genuine opinion that it might help somehow) a few videos of events which I did not mean to happen. Oh well, what's the world like if you can't laugh at yourself a little, amiright?

(at this point of the pidgin sign explanation, I had planned to put said embarasssing video up here, but upon looking at it again.. I say naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. so instead, you get 'What not to do with powerpoints')

This comes from a professor I have this semester that has committed EVERY ONE OF THESE ERRORS!



Oh, and my writing style is very informal, very direct. If I have an opinion, you'll hear it. GET READY FOR IT



I will create several graphics for the sight too, whether it involves:

graphics made to enforce a point


something made to improve the sight

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