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I think my idea of happiness and well-being is when I am mentally challenged. In other words, I enjoy myself most when I am pushed to do or create something. A prime example is, of course, video gaming. Gaming is all about challenging yourself and constantly thinking of strategy as well as becoming your own forensic analyst when the game involves a deep storyline.


This ties directly in to creativity as well. Although gaming is a prime example, the one which most represents me is creation. When I am charged with the task of creating something, whether it be a video or a graphic, I push myself to make something that I personally wouldn't regret. It doesn't always work out that way, but the fact that that challenge is there helps put me in that mood of happiness, and I lose track of hours.
















(Image Credit: [LSPStudio.com|http://www.lspstudio.com/video.htm])











Need an example of creativity? Well...


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