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Things that appear multiple times in among the four discourses:

  • Video Gaming
  • Brother as a mentor figure (the model, the unintentional donor)
  • The family as the central theme/model
  • My competitive spirit

Video Gaming

This has always been an underlying statement or thought in most of my discourses. Of course it appears in my career discourse as it's a big component of digital animation. In the Family Discourse I discuss spending time playing games with my brother and the mutual bond we have over that and few others. The Community discourse once again involves gaming by using it as a method in which to communicate with those of another state, or of another town.

The Brother

My brother has always been that model I had always strived to be like as a youth. Granted, as I got older my preferences in hobbies and some other habits changed on different courses from his, but he still had a major impact on who I am today. In high school and before, whenever I had to make a decision or a choice, I always thought about what my brother did or of which choice he'd approve.

The Family

The family discourse is a major key in this. Not only does it show the various aspects of my blood-relation family, but assignments like Mapping Home give you the glimpse of the societal communities in which I identified myself as a family member.


Those who know me know how competitive I get. I get passionate about any competition and take it very personally. Assignment examples include the Micro Narrative and the Brother Section of the Family Discourse. It hasn't always landed me in pleasant situations, but in the end, that sort of commitment to exellence will pay off nicely in my career.


Ties that I can see so far can be

competition <=ties with=> video gaming <=ties with=> brother <=ties with=> family

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