On The Premises

This will be short, sweet, and to the point as it seems I am beating the entertainment discourse to death.


In this exercise, we are asked to interpret our own entertainment narratives and describe the message it may convey.


The message Peter Pan conveys is typical and easy to identify: we must overcome our fears to get what we most desire. This is directly analogous to the story's main premise that Peter must overcome his fear of heights (once he overcomes this, everything else just falls in place) in order to save his children.

The dramatization (story) being told here proves the premise by giving us a happy ending. In other words, Peter overcomes his fear of heights, in turn learning many more valuable gifts, and then returns to Hook to reclaim his children. His dramatic turn-around gives us a happy ending.



I am unsure as to how some of this relates to my Family discourse.

I suppose I could go out on a stretch, and say:

My brother is a single representation of the Lost Boys.

My brother and I spent some cool times together as kids. The Lost Boys had a tight-knit group, and I feel that my brother and I had one as well.

My mom and dad could be Peter Pan and his wife, respectively.

While they both cared deeply for us, my mom, being a house-wife, was very centered on my brother and I's lives, while my dad was busy working and bringing in the cash. I don't blame him, nor do I wish things were different, because now he's more involved with us than he ever was and I would rather go from, less to more, than from more to less...

My granparents would be embodied in Granny Wendy.

Granny Wendy is the embodiment of all grandmothers and grandfathers. They spoil the snot out of the children and always offer advice to the parents.


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