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Noticing Default Moods

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The default moods we have per institution show the different persons we can be, and trying to pick a certain area in which we know we act different can be a trying task.


which of the few institutions

that pop in to my mind should I focus on? I have the institution of Entertainment, where I can focus on my extremely aggressive and competitive behavior whilst playing video games, or I could focus on Family, where we all know our own faults and poke fun at each other when those faults come out (yeah, we're a weird family), and then there's the institution of peers, where I tend to have the mouth of a sailor and don't even notice it.


what enables that part of me in each of these institutions?

Let's focus real quick on the sailor. What's his motive for al the language? Maybe it's an attempt to fit in? Perhaps too much lone college life that when he goes back home, he's trying to prove his toughness...

And then there's the Gaming mongor. What's gaming do that makes him so aggressive and violent (thank you Halo 3)? The game institutes a method of which to vent, whether by doing badly and cussing out some fool who's 1000+ miles away, or doing real well and lifting the spirits that way.

And finally, the family guy (whoops, sorry FOX). Each of us has our own very strange and very odd methods of.. well.. life, I suppose. I am the smartass of the bunch, my mom's the prime benefactor for that one. My brother is the mild mannered fellow who finds life's little quirks funny in general, and my father, he's just... well, he fits the profile of the family ;).

So there's Gaming, Family, and Friends

that all pop into my mind. What are each institution's purpose?

Gaming is obviously entertainment, a world to get away in. I believe I've successfully nailed that one on the head.

Family is there for moral and social (and other) support. So did we fulfill that role? Hah, heck yeah. By poking fun at ourselves for our faults, I'm more accepting of the weird things I do, rather than trying to conform to society's norms, cuz honestly, who's unique when you all do the same crap?!

And finally there's friends. That's the fault I've made. I have awesome friends, but from time to time I find myself trying to prove myself to them, when I know that's not what I want or need to do.

So there-in lies the social mix

with friendship and peer acceptance. I'm already accepted by them, but when I accidentally push myself in the spotlight, it tends to be either premature (ie a joke that just didn't work) or way too late (ie a joke that I took too far or didn't let die).

I think it's really odd

that I've mixed in not only peer acceptance (in a rather (ashamedly) high school way), with friends that have already accepted me. It's good that they know the real person that I am and don't hold those awkward HS flashbacks over my head, since Lord knows I'd be socially finished if that happened.



Creator's Comment!

This section, and probably any exercises following it, will seem rather dull. That's because my creativity is being conserved, for the master finale in which


or not.. either way, stay tuned, punks.

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