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Micro Narrative

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Micro-Narrative 1

School for the day had not ended too long ago for the brothers, and already they had crashed on the couch in the Game Room with the older's friend, ready to get their game on. Little did they know that the younger brother had one of the best reflexes around.

They began their gaming with the usual round of trash talking, yet the younger kept his cool. He had beaten them before, and knew that by putting a virtual beat-down on someone usual ended in a physical beat-down later. So instead of pushing the buttons and making his eventual beating later any worse, he stayed quiet, agreed when asked questions, and kept responses short and quick.

Then the gaming began. It started off as it usually did, going kill for kill, keeping things rather even. But they were playing Goldeneye for the N64. This was the kid's best venture. So instead of smack-talking, the young gun did even worse. He let them get involved in the game. He let them think they were going to win, then he did the inevitable. Start out laying a few proximities, get them to come to you, then blow them both away in one fell swoop. "Lucky kill", they exclaim. Respawn and run again. Both get mowed down. Young gun almost dies. It's ok. The P90 and armor vests have respawned. Killing spree, and the other two, who just happened to team up against the poor younger brother, had lost. Turns out that getting beat by someone who talked a lot of smack isn't as bad as getting beat by someone who smugly kept their mouth shut knowin the opponent's impending doom.

So what happened? The High-School seniors, who both had just got their high school rings, turned the rings around, jewel-side down, and bopped the younger brother in the back of the head, once each. It's ok though. It's been worse.


Micro-Narrative 2

In the days when family trips were common for us, we traveled to so many places by car. No place was off-limits as we went to Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, North US, East US, West US, South -- the four corners of the world, the four corners of Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. No problems, all good memories of great places and interesting experiences.

Then there was the California trip. This trip had involved us flying to Washington State to meet my grandfather. From there we would take his car, 6 of us (Grandfather, Grandmother, father, mother, two sons). Once you get to California, you notice an interesting pattern - curved roads. Californians apparently don't like those straight roads that take you somewhere quickly and efficiently. They like those curvy roads that show off the scenery. Fair enough, it was a vacation for the family and everyone was enjoying it.... all except my brother.

My brother Joe started saying that he was feeling a little strange. My mom noticed he was looking queesy, and asked my grandfather to slow down a bit. "Nah, he's fine", both my dad and grand-dad chipped in. It helps knowing that the seating arrangements were grandfather driving, father in passenger seat, me between the two, mother, grandmother, and brother all in back. I had to sit on the hump in the middle, no seatbelt. Awesome parenting, eh? Anyway, of course the two other males say he's fine, they don't have to sit next to him.

And about five minutes later, sure enough -- "Uh oh.. PULL OVER!!". My brother yacked for a good long while on that roadside. Needless to say my grand-dad and dad were upset, but I have a feeling that it was the lost time and inefficiency of it, rather than the 'oops, I think we did that'.

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