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Mapping Home

Page history last edited by John 13 years, 1 month ago

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Here we see the map lines as they intersect. This map involves two lines, one that maps Austin, Richmond (hometown), and Houston, and another that maps just areas in Richmond. The first line signifies College. I came from Richmond, went to Austin, and since my dad is paying for my college education, I put his Houston offices down. The second line signifies where I've spent the most time in my High School years, and mostly signifies the family. These places are where I've experienced the biggest sense of family.

And what you see below is a rough composite image in relation to the map lines.

At the top, I have Yamaha snares for the Drumline I was Captain of at my High School.

At the bottom, I have a sound mixer that signifies the time I've spent at my church being a audio/video technician and the family that I've come to know there as a result.

The center is, of course, the tower, and signifies my new home (for the time being) and the large community I associate with that.

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