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Page history last edited by John 13 years ago

The most recent major epiphany I had was in regard to the cruise I went on with my family a little more than a year ago. The cruise was a Mediterranean cruise that traveled along Greece, Italy, Turkey, and the surrounding areas. It was already amazing to be on a cruise that went to such amazing places and had tours to such awesome ruins, but after I arrived at the first ruins, I noticed all I really was doing was just looking at the ruins and taking in the sights.


For example, the first ruin we visited was the Roman Colisseum. All we did at the colisseum was walk around the edges and look down and up. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing, but once we got to some of the other ancient ruins, and I could physically put my hand on a pillar or a stone, I was there.


I suddenly was at the ruins and could fully appreciate the awe-inspring sights in front of me. On that cruise, every ruin we went to I did something of the same way to place myself there and fully experience all it had to offer.


Granted, this epiphany is about as subtle as Genet's man on the bus, but it had a profound effect on me. From that moment, I've always inspired myself to want to create a feeling like that in others. Hopefully I will have a chance in filmmaking to create awe-inspiring moments that move people as much as those ruins moved me.


But then you have to wonder, what in my life has made it to where I have to actually touch something to bring myself physically there. as opposed to just mentally. We could all say that the entertainment industry might be somewhat to blame, and I could be inclined to agree. Movies and video games as well as TV documentaries take us all over the world to witness some of the amazing things this world has to offer in exciting ways. Could it be, though, that whenever we go to experience these in person, that we're still just sitting there on the couch or the movie seat, watching another movie/documentary unfold? I believe that once we touch the object, we surpass that living room and movie theater and truly experience the sights.


It should also be said that some objects don't need that kind of interaction. That is to say, some things like the statue of liberty and the great pyramids of Egypt have their sheer size to impact us and knock us out of our mental living rooms and reclinable theater seats.

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