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Page history last edited by John 13 years, 1 month ago

Honestly at this point, I have no idea what to claim as my fetishes (traditional sense of the word, nonsexual). So, instead of looking on the very straight and narrow, I'll go very broad with the context of this assignment.


Possible Fetishes:


Best feeling ever: at night in a cold room, fresh from the shower, and crawling into your bed, followed by waking up in a cold room, yet in a warm comfy bed. Makes me not want to leave the bed that morning. Come to think of it, why did I go to class today? Hi Jim.

a formal suit

what better way to impress upon someone your sense of security and confidence than with a nice suit. Here would be the part where I put my suit on and walk around like a fool, but 1) I figure I'd spare you the details, and 2) that takes a while, and I don't have the energy. It's fairly self-explanatory.


Here's one that may throw you off... Electronics are my safety-net. I can be in a strange house with people I have no clue about, and, once I do a quick glaze-over on the house, I find myself examining their home theater setup, or other electronic systems. It's what I'm familiar with, and when you throw someone in a strange, scary environment, the first thing they look for is something familiar, something to latch onto to bring a sense of familiarity into such a strange world.

(Image credit to Flickr user: VelhoJR)

your home/apartment

Again, I ask the rhetorical. What's better than coming home from a hard day of work or school, knowing all too well the ins and outs of your entire living establishment. You know you're taken care of, and when I'm at my apartment, I can feel free to act any way I please.

a cell phone, a computer

What better way to instill a sense of confidence AND security than knowing your only a few clicks away from talking to someone when you need them. If we get lost in a strange town, what better way to get un-lost than with a GPS-enabled phone? (Image curteousy of Flickr user: garyalan82)

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