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entirely animated features

Page history last edited by John 13 years, 1 month ago

Computer Animation is the next step beyond traditional Walt Disney hand-drawn features like Snow White and the like. If you look carefully at the business mechanics behind it, you can also see that Walt Disney accepted this notion with their purchase of Pixar Studios for some $7.4 billion.


And of course, Computer Animation has its different versions. Early animated features like Toy Story are good examples of great early animation, yet all the characters were 'solid'. What I mean by that is that individual objects such as hairs were not rendered or made. A good recent example of comparison is the recently DVD-released TMNT.


[Image Credit: TMNT clip from Tom's Hardware]

[Image Credit: Toy Story from DVD Beaver.com Forums


As you can tell from these two images, computer animation detail has increased tremendously over the past few years. When looking at Toy Story, you notice the round surfaces, the round objects, and with TMNT you can see the detail to rain on the turtle and the attention to lighting in the scene.


Besides detail, animated features have always had a huge advantage that has been implemented since its first inception. Camera angles and control are limit-less in animated features.



In watching just the teaser from TMNT, you can see the amazing things they can do with the camera in digital animation.


I don't know, however, how I can relate this to me. I know I have a passion in video gaming and an acute attention to detail, and I suppose gaming is the reason I like animated features so much, because in all truth, video games are animated features nowadays.

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