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Page history last edited by John 12 years, 8 months ago

So now I have to ask myself how this fits into the wide image -- How has this scene affected me?

The obvious first connection would be the window and thoughts of being kidnapped as a child. This notion came back to haunt me (no pun intended) when The Grudge 2 came out. The Grudge had scared the crap out of me when it came out, and Grudge 2 was set to keep that reputation in tact. One scene in the Grudge 2 scared me most of all, and I figured it was due to the nature of the film. However, since I did this and remembered about the kidnapping from Hook, I can see ties to early childhood fears.

(Image Credit set to Bloody-Disgusting.com)


This isn't the scene, but you can see what I'm getting at. In the particular scene I'm mentioning, there's a girl in a room who's going absolutely mad. Her windows are covered with the exact material that is the picture above. What happens throughout the scene is that certain pieces of paper keep falling off, and as soon as the paper falls off, you see either one eye, or two eyes. This is the exact epitomy of what freaked me out as a child, re-born in this film (Devils!).


By the way, even researching the stupid images of a stupid movie makes me freak out in a room fully lit with 13 other people.. ugh.. (during our workshop day)



What else made me flip out the most?

The Fatal Frame video game series.


This clip from YouTube.com shows the effects this video game can have. For my experience, we had a room of 6 or 7 high school students, of which 3 were football players. It all begins with me and two other friends. We started playing the game, and got to a point where we couldn't play just one at a time. We had to eventually resort to putting the controller on the ground, one guy controlling the character's movement, and the other guy controlling her run speed and when to pause it when something came up. Oh, and each of the three of us had a pillow we were desparately holding onto. So what do you do when you want to see a game develop, but are too scared to actually play the stupid thing? Invite more people! We got 4 other people to come by, each of whom were very skeptical at a video game scaring us as well as them. 30 minutes later and the room was quiet, paying extreme attention to the game, and EVERYONE screaming when something unexpected happened. It was glorious. :)


(Image Credit due to ArmChairEmpire.com)


Now granted, by using Fatal Frame, I've taken this Hook kidnapping scene and mutated it into a fear of the unknown, but I believe it has some merit. Think of it along this way.

Fear of kidnapping --> Fear of what's looking through the window --> Fear of what's beyond the window --> Fear of the unknown beyond the window + Fear of unknown in dark situations = Fear of the Unknown.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the evolved fear. This could also explain why I hate change (It's unknown!). Eek, sorry.. epiphanies are a bit eery.



So what else can be affected by this strange scene?

How might this fear of kidnapping be connected to fear I used to have of physical action in sports? For example, how might this scene be used to explain my fear of full contact in football in Junior High, or fear of getting hit by the ball in baseball my Elementary years?

Maybe it has no connection, and depends on a whole different story arch of my life (likely possible). However you can also say that part of it may be due to this 'unknown' factor. Anyway, that's a stretch for a different story arch not yet discovered, nor developed.



So what's the effect on me now?

Well, looking at how I am now, the fear is still there in the form of Media, be it The Grudge, Fatal Frame, or any other scary medium (even scary TV series like Ghost Hunters tends to give me the heebies). But does it affect my life?

Heck nah. I've changed an almost 180 to what I used to be before. Granted, the fear of change is still there, but I think that either

a) it was first influenced by the Hook scene, and once implanted firmly never left,


b) was largely created due to something else, and just enhanced with the introduction and implementation of the Hook scene in my psyche.

I'm more inclined to believe it's B, but no other development into this thought has been done, and would require psychoanalysis FAR beyond what I feel like knowing. Don't get me wrong, I'm curious, but I have my limits. :)


Today I have more confidence than I ever had before and if anything scares me in real life (not media), I tend to try to take control and force my presence into the situation. Tend to.. other times (like in the classroom) I tend to fall into old habits and become a (like a friend of mine said) 'dark loomer.' In other words, I'm apparently REALLY good at hangin' out un-noticed.


Return me to your Entertainment Discourse, Dude..

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