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Dialogue and Acting

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What kind of dialog does this scene have? From the beginning we have panic-stricken dialog, whether it be the kids' lines, the concerned parents at the party, or the frightened parents at the home. Perhaps the dialogs that make the most impact are when the character "Tootles" has his Hook freakout at the beginning of the scene and when he says his verbal poem. From what we had seen in this movie before, Tootles looked like either a troubled soul, a quiet old man, or a senile old man. To see him suddenly alive with character emphasizes the point of the scene, the inciting incident.








We can't forget Dustin Hoffman's performance. He makes his character hilarious, yet keeps all the seriousness and intensity to make his character mean and scary when it counts.






(Image credit to Empire Online message boards)




Another important point is to notice the party. Even with the dramatic winds through the window and Granny Wendy almost collapsing, the camera cuts to the audience and they have NO IDEA (including the parents) that anything is happening.




Wendy collapses... AND They don't seem to notice/care


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