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Page history last edited by John 13 years, 3 months ago

Exercises thus far:

Term Extensions -- filmmaking

Counter-Dictionary -- monuments

Illumination -- ruins (actually feeling them)

Decision Scene -- trial and error

Memory Glimpse -- first grade

Micro Narrative -- gaming with family/friends, family trips


It seems as if I like things to come naturally to me. What we see is a passive, yet aggressive stance in many of the exercises. For example, In gaming with my brother and his friend, I was passive in that I did not provoke them or agitate them as they did to me, yet I was aggressive because I royally schooled them in Goldeneye.

In talking about monuments, they in their own rights are passive aggressive. Monuments do nothing but stand there and endure the elements of nature, but to people that have a profound effect on their emotions, like the Statue of Liberty, for example. The same distinction can be drawn to the ruins and first grade. On that day in first grade, I was very aggressive about not wanting to go, but still went through it anyway. My work ethic of trial and error is entirely made of passive aggressive tendencies. When an idea hits me, I try that idea, and exhaust the living snot out of it until it obviously will not work. This is the primary reason I was not a good coder. I could not abandon that first idea I had of how to solve the problem presented me, and as a result, would have hundreds of lines of code for something that my classmates did in just 30 lines and a couple (for) loops.


So what's this say about my sacred place? It's obviously got to be in the family setting. So much of my family discourse has gone into family experiences and it's easy to see, especially through my Family Discourse page, the effect that christmas time itself had on me, and not just through the present, but instead through the ritual of gathering the family.


Upon looking at who my heroes might be, you would probably have to slap that title on the mother. Had she not drug me through the halls of that elementary school to get me to go to first grade, I would probably not have experienced anything written on those exercises. But this could also apply to the entire family, as they all were around me at some point when I discovered the effects of monuments on me emotionally, encountered true-to-life ruins, discovered my innate ability at trial-and-error, and discover how my trial-and-error skills can destroy me.


In looking slightly past the exercises, I notice that not only do I like to be in groups of people, but I love to be the life of that group. I love to liven things up, and make them laugh. Join that with my passion of filmmaking, and we might just be on to something big.



(still needs graphics and the like)

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