Corporate States of Mind

General Electric

I'm not sure if any of you have seen the GE commercials, but I find it interesting how a company which deals primarily with corporations is putting advertisements on TV, such as this one:

As the GE spokesperson says in the "Making Of" following this clip (time marker 4:33):

"We are a company of over 300,000 employees and one of the things we'd like these ads to do is to just leave people with a smile -- a sense of belonging to a company that's warm and approachable and friendly and really does amazing things."

I've always wondered what their angle is, or in other words, why they promote themselves to the consumers when their primary audience should be the corporations.

After watching the "Making of" section of the video above, I believe I know why now. After watching it, it left me with an emotion I can't quite label. I almost want to go up to one of them and say "I love you," but perhaps that's just because of the song ;).

Maybe these commercials are GEs way of attracting the bottom end of the spectrum, so that the employees of corporations want GE stuff, so that they tell their managers and it slowly leaks it's way up. So in light of this, I went to the GE website to check the theory.

So what's the first thing we see when we arrive?

Yeah, they're milking that affection side, the 'we care when we don't have to' method. In all honesty, I approve, too. I want to see big big big big name corporations make an attempt to tell the consumer that they're not just some big entity, but that they have people who care at the top.

I know it may entirely be bullshit, but I like it...