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Career Discourse

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When thinking about what invention impresses me the most in the history of filmmaking, it's too easy to say 'the Edison camera because it started it all' or 'the first mobile camera'. Instead I'm going to focus on what many don't notice and don't notice for the all the right reasons.


(Image courtesy of the noodle shop)


Digital animation and effects have transformed what can be done and what has been done with movies and filmmaking. Ranging from just enhancing live-action films to make them more real, to entirely animated features and movies that can be labeled as hybrids.


The funny thing about Digital Animation is that if you did a good job, the audience doesn't notice. It's, in effect, the most under-appreciated yet over-appreciated art in today's society, and yes, I meant art. The design of these characters includes as much creativity as architecture or paintings, only in digital form.


And what does digital animation do? Immersion. What makes you believe in the story and the characters more than a completely rendered world and effects to prove to you the world you see on-screen exists.


You could even take Digital Animation one step further and show it's effect on video gaming.



The Unfortunate end-story is that, although there are many companies making HUGE leaps forward in this field, some are over-doing it.




When skimming through my Career Discourse, and looking at what I wrote on for my Term-Extensions, Illumination, and Counter-Dictionary assignments, It's easy to see that I like emotionally moving mediums. For me, it seems to be mostly influenced by emotion and physical presence (and digital presence). Term-Extensions shows that I use Trial-and-Error as a form of invention or creation. Illumination makes it clear that I want historically important artifacts, ruins and the like to touch me emotionally as I did them physically. Counter-Dictionary shows me that I want to make or be involved with films or other projects that make an impact on the individual as do monuments and other massive structures built by several civilizations of today's world.

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