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Video Gaming

Obviously a foundation for my fascination (phascination? Dare I? I dared..) of electronic media and the process of storytelling. It's what pushed me into my love of film and the stories they contain. It's also contained in all of my discourses.







(Image courtesy of the noodle shop)




This one's fairly obvious too. My entire career discourse is in regard to what digital animation and graphic design have done as special effects in creating something amazing on film. Not only has gaming been discussed there but I also mention how my roots as a kid in gaming are very-much-so a factor.








This one's actually quite interesting. The film I chose for my Entertainment Discourse has little to no digital animation or enhancement. Almost 100% of the film is live-action and huge built sets. However, I do believe that my childhood love for this movie shows how digital animation is not the core of a good film, and that I shouldn't rely on it in my future.





(Image Courtesy of Flickr user Strike08)



As with the brotherly competitions, gaming is also stretching its way into the hands of adults everywhere. The Nintendo Wii is outselling all other consoles due to its ability to pick up and play by just about anyone and any age. My parents aren't much into the Wii, but all my friend's parents are ecstatic.






Several topics discussed so far have multiple Community applications to them. Austin has its local film community making indie films as well as major motion pictures. Therein lies the career tie, one which I hope to take part of. Another is the community of online gaming in which we all have that common bond and passion for gaming (some.. well, me... tend to accidentally take it too far.. sorry)


(PLACEHOLDER: HERE SHOULD BELONG AN ANIMATED GIF, however due to the lengthy time to re-encode a video so that I can actually grab still images off it, it may be a bit before it gets cut together)


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