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Ad Art

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Hidden Bud Light


In talking about what problem this ad deals with, it's not something as direct as the Marlboro Man and conquering the feminine nature of a filtered cigarette. One could say that the definitive issue or problem addressed in this commercial is not of a product, but of a social problem -- the boring workplace.


The beauty of the commercial is it's comedic take on a social norm. That is to say, like many other great commercials, this one takes a common setting and puts a unique comedy twist to it. The problem is stated right off the bat as the employee tells about how all weekend he worked to boost employee morale by hiding Bud Lights all over the office. Not only is the premise funny, but the irony of working so hard to relieve the stresses of working so hard adds to it, whether we notice it consciously or subconsciously.


Yeah, there are other non-confrontational ways of approaching such a topic. One could be as bland as writing a research paper on methods of relieving stress and boredom in the workplace or just suggest that you take a vacation, however this unorthodox (in the workplace) method of relieving stress not only shows us how 'in the box' our minds are, but re-evaluates the character of the people in the office. In Ulmer's view, he'd say that the introduction of beer creates a bar scene, both physically and figuratively, in which the workers act in a way they wouldn't normally at work. They pushed themselves toward the outside of the social norm.

Could this be an Art Film? Depends on how far the word Film is taken. You could always evaluate Television as a form of film, just dramatically shorter (or you could say dramatic longer with several week-long hiatus'). That being said, there're several office comedies, whether they be literally about the office (The Office) or they be another workplace with more doing the same old work grind (for example, Scrubs).

Either way this problem is seen in society, and there are several ways and forms already that are attempts to brighten the workplace and make it feel unique, like coining your own terms (can't snag any examples at the moment).


(Scrubs image curteousy of channel4.com)

(Office image curteousy of http://indulgelaughcreate.blogspot.com)

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